Eat and Earn Compensation Plan

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Eat and Earn Compensation Plan

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:07 pm

Here is how you earn an income or make a fortune from the compensation plan.

You can choose your package just like any Malaysia plan.
Franchise Agent - RM275
Franchise Executives - RM1,375
Franchise Manager - RM2,750
Franchise Director - RM5,500
Franchise Regional - RM11,000

RM25 is the member fees already included in the package.
You have 60 days for you to upgrade to the highest ranking, failing which you remain
as your initial rank.

Your maximum income per day for each package is as follows;
Franchise Agent - RM800
Franchise Executives - RM4,000
Franchise Manager - RM8,000
Franchise Director - RM16,000
Franchise Regional - RM16,000

Food voucher for each package as follows;
Franchise Agent - RM500 (food voucher) + RM500 (product voucher)
Franchise Executives - RM2,500 (food voucher) + RM2,500(product voucher)
Franchise Manager - RM5,000 (food voucher) + RM5000 (product voucher)
Franchise Director - RM10,000(food voucher) + RM10,00 (product voucher)
Franchise Regional - RM10,000(food voucher) + RM10,00 (product voucher)

Fast Start Bonus -weekly pay
Depends on the package taken by your downline.
Franchise Agent - RM25
Franchise Executives - RM125
Franchise Manager - RM250
Franchise Director - RM500
Franchise Regional - RM500

Team Bonus -weeekly pay
You are pay on pairing. Each pair entitled you to receive RM40.00.
Your maximum per day income will depend on the ranking.

Team Bonus 2 - monthly pay
This depends on your monthly maintenance of RM150 (100BV)
3% based on your 100BV is calculated from your network up to 20 levels.
This means 100BV x 3% = RM3.00 on each levels.

You also earns a spillover income based on the number of spillover you have from your upline.
Each spillover depends on the package taken by the prospect as follows.
Franchise Agent - RM1.50
Franchise Executives - RM7.50
Franchise Manager - RM15.00
Franchise Director - RM30.00
Franchise Regional - RM30.00

Matching Bonus -monthly pay
You earns a matching bonus from your direct sponsor and indirect sponsor up to 6 levels.
This also depends on your ranking qualification as follows;
Franchise Agent - 10%
Franchise Executives - 10% + 5%
Franchise Manager - 10% + 5% + 4%
Franchise Director - 10% + 5% + 4% + 3%
Franchise Regional - 10% + 5% + 4% + 3% + 2% + 1%

Detail for the compensation plan, please click here

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