Station Kopitiam just launch member gets member program

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Station Kopitiam just launch member gets member program

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:25 pm

Dear readers,
While you are reading this now, many people are registering
into Station Kopitiam business. This concept just start
today and we are very excited about this opportunity.

We have seen many pioneer leaders, housewife, students
etc...who join in Steven Tea Garden and Island Red Cafe
in the earlier stage are making tons of money from this
concept. To be frank, it is really a good concept where
people can Eat and Earn in a cafe.

Akarumi F&B Management Sdn Bhd has more than 15 years
experience in F&B management. Leo's Cafe, Shabu Shabu
Train, Mr Tepanyakki, Garden Cafe,Mr Ramen, Mini Wok and
many more are under its umbrella. Good news is, it will all fall
under the member gets member program.

This way, our customer will have more choice to make and
eat in different restaurant or cafe in the mean time also have
the opportunity to make a huge income. What are you waiting
for, call up thos who gets you here and join now.

Furthermore, you have nothing to lose when you sign up coz
you only pay RM275 in return the company give you back 500
in food
voucher and 500 in product voucher.

See the compensation plan here

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